Nippon Television "Super Invincible Class" was truly Mercy.


2021/10/27 14:55


Everyone, good mood 🌹✨

Did you see "Super Invincible Class"? 😳📺

Thanks to everyone at the Gojokai for watching us until late at night 😌✨

I was nervous because of the first variety,

It was a very fun recording 🎹🩰

If you couldn't watch it in real time,

Since TVer even seems to have been delivered until November 3, 🌹✨ take a look

( By the way, the appearance of Gojoin will be in the second half )

Click here for LINK 📺

I'm really happy to have the opportunity to introduce Gojoin on TV in this way, and I 'm really happy from the bottom of my heart.

Of the "super invincible class" who found me

Kanon-sama, thank you very much 🌹


Also had guests this way picked up, who everyone of Gojo Board jewels thanks with us to spread our things Gojo Institute, etc. SNS.

Always, sincerely Mercy 😌🌹✨

I will do my best to build a bigger castle from now on 💪❤️‍🔥

Well then

See you again today at 21: 55 ~ live stream 🎹



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