7th Gojokai Live Streaming Mercy & Mother Happy Birthday


2021/10/27 22:54


7th Gojokai live delivery,

Everyone who came to play,

Thank you very much for Mercy 🌹✨

Actually, today is my mother's birthday

It ’s also a song with many memories with my mother.

I played Liszt's "Liebesträume" 🕊

I was able to tell the members of the Gojokai

Happy 😌✨

Mother is an eternal longing woman 👸

Gojoin can be a strong and noble woman

I wish I could polish my soul through music

I'm thinking 🕊💎

Next time is scheduled for Tuesday, November 9th 🎹

Then everyone

Please spend a beautiful night.

Good night 🌹🌙✨



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