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* Bitfan can also be used in the app, but first register with a browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)! !! (Click here for the app after registration is complete)

* Registration is OK with either a smartphone or a PC! !! (The sample is a smartphone version)

<How to register Bitfan ID>

① Click "Membership registration"

② Please register with Twitter, Facebook, Apple, or email address (* Please be careful not to forget what you registered when you log in again)

③ When you register, this screen will be displayed.

④ Bitfan will send a notification of registration completion to the email account used for registration, so click on the link.

⑤ You will be returned to the login screen, so please log in with the account you used for registration.

⑥ Enter your nickname, gender, birthday, country, and prefecture and click "Confirm".

⑦ The payment screen will be displayed. Please select a payment method and complete the payment procedure.



You can check the contects only for VIP member which are posted by owner after becoming a VIP member

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