Let's use the app! (Once you have completed the enrollment procedure)



Such a good thing when using the app!

▼ You will be notified of updated information by push notification

▼ Not only fan club posts but also other SNS updates are displayed on the timeline! !!

① Click the Bitfan logo at the top of "My Page"

② For iPhone, go to "App Store". For Android, click "Google Play" to download.

③ Download the app.

④ Click "Allow" to receive push notification notifications

⑤ Be sure to click "Login". Please log in with the account you registered when you joined the membership.

⑥ If you do not know why you logged in at the time of initial registration, please check the email with the subject "[Bitfan] ID acquisition completion notification" received from "notification@bitfan.id".

⑦ After that, proceed with registration according to the screen. Of course you can skip it.



You can check the contects only for VIP member which are posted by owner after becoming a VIP member

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